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Artfire has horrible asshole customer service. As someone who is a successful seller on Etsy, I wanted to branch out and try othe things. Two months ago I signed up for which says is the top best place to sell items, they are missing so many features. They do not even have a personalization box for customers to fill out when placing custom orders Plus they charged me 35 dollars to sign up then it’s like another 5 per mont after that and then money on my sales. I have tried to open PayPal disputes. I have tried to contact the company via Facebook and email. They are rude non stop and keep saying I have to remove my 1 listing (which by the way was up for a month and only 93 people seen it with a sale) high seller everywhere else I have it listed. Artfire is like a ghost town and they want you to treat them and their service like a king when they talk to you like dirt! Well artfire. I will get my money back i one way or another and I will make sure that everyone knows how you Really are and how you really treat people! Your assholes and your service sucks! Improve your service, stop charging so much, and treat people the right way and you won’t have these problems! You rolled the dice on the wrong person

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