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Domain: Phone Number: +1-855-698-3241

This scam company deserves #1 on the wall of shame right now.

This scam company has been operating for a while, previously they have sent a lawyer to my house & tried obtaining details of users from & the Discord server TLS Community.

People of interest: Raman Roy, Wesley Mullen, Joe Bursky.

Their lawyer Wesley Mullen denies that the company is a scam (he’s their lawyer so yeah obviously he will defend them). We have a large amount of proof that they are a scam, including my video exposing their fake MyFasterPC application, to their application which shows you fake generic errors & to call their support to fix the none existent problems.

This company needs to be shut down, but their domain registrar GoDaddy doesn’t seem to care at all about their scam operations.

Comment any other information you want to expose these criminals.

Domain: Phone Number: +1-855-698-3241

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