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Musical instruments In Church?

Many ask this question. Here is a great well thought response. It does help.

(Facebook “church of Christ lessons and information” page responded to the question) It does not have to say not to use something if it tells you what to use. Everyone understands this in life. If you have a paper that says to use a number 2 pencil do you not understand that you are NOT to use a number 3 or number 1? So yes it does say NOT to use musical instruments by telling us specifically what to use. When you see a road sign that says 55 does it then have to say but not 56 not 57 not 57 not 58. No that would be dumb, can you imagine telling a cop the sign did not say not to go 100. So yes by telling us what to do, it also tells what not to do at the same time.

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